Seed Cycling: A Surprising Way to Regulate Your Periods Naturally

You may or may not have heard about seed cycling yet, as it is gaining popularity, for fertility. It was a tool I learned in medical school for regulating periods naturally. Seed cycling is useful for the woman wanting to get pregnant or the woman who wants regular, predictable periods without taking birth control pills. […]

9 Energy-Boosting Tips to Regulate Your Cortisol Levels Naturally

What’s the importance of cortisol, and why would you care to regulate cortisol naturally? Well… If you’re suffering from chronic fatigue, you might care a lot. Fatigue and the HPA-axis There’s a good chance that you’re experiencing something called HPA-axis dysfunction (sometimes referred to as adrenal fatigue). HPA-axis stands for hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, and it is […]

Women, Stop Believing This Lie About Aging

“Oh, honey, it is just part of getting older.” It’s as if women and aging are synonymous with misery and ill health. I have heard this time and again and it drives me crazy. I hear these platitudes from not only older mothers and friends, but from colleagues as well. Imagine… my OB-GYN telling me […]

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