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Do you feel like our healthcare system is broken?

Do you feel like our healthcare system is broken?

That’s because it is.

In most settings doctors are required to work on a productivity-driven assembly line that is designed to maximize efficiency and profits, but not to get you healthy or to keep you healthy.

That leaves most doctors unable to spend the time necessary to understand what is behind your symptoms. As a result, most patients are prescribed medications to manage their symptoms, but the root cause never gets addressed.

To make matters worse, many patients are referred to various specialists without having a doctor who can look at them as a whole person and put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Vytal Health is true health care, built for you

We offer personalized, whole-person care with a focus on nutrition, lifestyle, and natural approaches. Our goal is to solve your health problem at its root and keep you healthy for the long run. Longer appointments and amazing doctors ensure that you never feel rushed and dismissed again.

You will finally be heard

We listen to solve, not just prescribe. You will not be rushed through your appointment.

Expect to be treated like our only patient

Get the time and attention you need from your doctor and the support of a compassionate team.

No one size fits all

Together with your doctor, you’ll create a personalized plan to get you healthy again.

Solving health problems requires a new
way of thinking about health

A new way of thinking about health

Integrative & functional medicine

One symptom can have many causes

One cause can have many implications

And it requires whole-person treatment & prevention

✔️ Medications

✔️ Supplements 

✔️ Lifestyle

✔️ Nutrition 

✔️ Medications

✔️ Supplements

✔️ Lifestyle

✔️ Nutrition

Your care is 100% risk-free

If you are not completely happy with your initial consultation, we’ll refund you 100%.

Our patients love us


Feel like yourself again

Work together to restore your health

Jumpstart your health with our 6-month Health Reset Program.

You will meet with your doctor via video from the comfort and privacy of your home or office. Commit to yourself, and we’ll commit to you.

Get results quickly

During your Health Reset Program, you’ll dive into your symptoms, history, nutrition, and lifestyle. 

By doing in-depth lab testing, we can make targeted recommendations and figure out the root cause of your symptoms.

Keep going

Enroll in time-based care packages to continue your relationship with your doctor.

Add on time with our nutritionists and health coaches who will work together to get you feeling your best. Customize your care by building a team based on your needs.

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