Your Vytal Health Journey


Initial consultation 


Dig in with lab testing


Start your membership plan

Step 1

Book initial consultation

You will meet with your doctor via video from the comfort and privacy of your home or office. 

During this 60-minute consultation, your doctor will evaluate you as a whole person, diving into your symptoms, family history, lifestyle, and nutrition. 

We’ll start to uncover what’s truly holding you back from looking and feeling your best through our unique, personalized approach.

Step 2

Dig in with unique, comprehensive testing

Gain detailed insights into your body and uncover what’s needed for you personally. Our comprehensive testing brings to the surface the root causes behind the symptoms you’ve been experiencing. Your doctor will create a personalized plan to get you feeling healthy now and in the long run.

Step 3

Start your membership plan

Kick off your on-going relationship with your doctor by enrolling in a membership plan. Our plans are flexible and built around you. Cancel anytime.

Based on personalized care plan developed by your doctor, we’ll help you select the right membership plan for your needs and goals. All memberships include video visits and messaging with your doctor, a personal care concierge, and access to extensive lab testing.

Getting you healthy is our top priority

At Vytal Health, we know that you are more than a symptom, more than a diagnosis, and you deserve to be treated that way.

A typical doctor’s visit is rushed, with the focus being on managing symptoms instead of figuring out the real cause behind them. That approach doesn’t always work.

We start with you, the whole you. We dive deep into your symptoms, nutrition, genetics, lifestyle, sleep, exercise habits, and more. You’ll have a doctor that’s supportive, thorough, and brings a compassionate listening ear to every interaction.

There is only one goal: to help you heal.

Our happiness guarantee

Really good doctors are hard to find. We’re so confident that you’ll love your Vytal Health doctor, we’ll refund your initial consultation 100% if you’re not happy. 

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