12 Simple Pointers to Make Healthy Food Choices

If you’re like most of us, you strutted into the year bursting with energy and positive intentions for your life. Optimizing your diet was high on the priority list. But, like most busy people, you hit a brick wall at some point. Do you even know how to make healthy food choices? Online searches on […]

A Functional Medicine Guide to Adrenal Fatigue

What’s functional medicine? Most people, if asked, would probably say that a visit to the doctor would ideally involve the following protocols: A comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s medical history, diet, lifestyle, environment, stressors, family history, and any symptoms the patient might be experiencing. Sample analysis and lab testing to screen for potential abnormalities. A […]

Why Do I Get So Fatigued During My Period?

Let’s be real—periods can be hard to manage at times. The cramps, inconvenience, cravings, and hormonal changes may be overwhelming. When you add fatigue into the mix, the negative effects of every other symptom becomes intensified. But why do you get so fatigued during your period? Fatigue—feeling overtired or having abnormally low energy—can interrupt your work, personal […]

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