A Functional Medicine Guide to Adrenal Fatigue

What’s functional medicine? Most people, if asked, would probably say that a visit to the doctor would ideally involve the following protocols: A comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s medical history, diet, lifestyle, environment, stressors, family history, and any symptoms the patient might be experiencing. Sample analysis and lab testing to screen for potential abnormalities. A […]

Irritable Husband? Could Be Andropause

Ever heard of irritable male syndrome or andropause? They’re not a joke, and it’s not uncommon for wives and partners to be the first to notice them. Men are as hormonal as you You’ve believed it for ages, and you’re right. Your irritable partner has major hormonal fluctuations that affect his mood. While estrogen is […]

5 Smart Ways to Deal with Baby-Making Pressure

Whether you are struggling to conceive or just starting to explore the possibility of having children, the holidays can be a stressful time for couples. Maybe it’s someone asking you about your timeline for having kids, or maybe you’re surrounded by little ones in your family. Whatever it is, the pressure to get pregnant is […]

Is Functional Medicine for Me?

Is functional medicine right for you? It depends. As a functional medicine doctor myself, I’m certainly biased in favor of it. However, it involves more patient participation than other forms of medicine. Your doctor doesn’t just hand you a prescription and send you home. Instead, you’ll have a long conversation with your practitioner, in which […]

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