Seed Cycling: A Surprising Way to Regulate Your Periods Naturally

You may or may not have heard about seed cycling yet, as it is gaining popularity, for fertility. It was a tool I learned in medical school for regulating periods naturally. Seed cycling is useful for the woman wanting to get pregnant or the woman who wants regular, predictable periods without taking birth control pills. […]

Pre-Pregnancy Diet: How to Eat to Get Pregnant Faster

Pregnancy isn’t a random event. Trying to get pregnant can be pretty stressful though. You want to know how and what to eat to get pregnant faster. Thankfully, researchers have gone ahead of us, and here are the most important food habits for a pre-pregnancy diet. Don’t leave it to whim! Nutrition is an essential […]

How to Manage Stress Better

It’s time for a reality check. Here’s a fact: Americans need to learn how to manage stress better. In fact, your current stress levels are probably killing you slowly. Or, at least, they’re making you sick. Ever heard of adrenal fatigue or HPA-axis dysfunction? If you’re like many Americans, especially if you’re a woman, your […]

The Importance of Telemedicine in Fixing Healthcare

Have you ever been too sick to leave the house? Or too busy to visit a doctor’s office? This healthcare paradox can make it hard to get the help you need. And that’s why telemedicine is so important. Empowered by the recent wave of technology, telemedicine brings the doctor to you. House visits, via modern […]

8 Strategies to Get the Most From Your Workout

Exercising but not getting the health results you want? It might be time to optimize your workout with these research-based strategies. 1. Time your exercise to work with your body, not against it. Research continues to show that exercise timing matters. Your body’s cells are pre-programed to work better at certain times of the day. […]

Your Immune System and Coronavirus: How to Give Your Body an Edge

Let’s chat about your immune system and the coronavirus. The novel coronavirus outbreak (also called COVID-19) is changing life for everyone—all over the world.  Of course, your primary focus is to (1) stay away from the coronavirus and, in case the first effort fails, (2) keep yourself away from anyone you could infect.  And rightfully […]

Telemedicine and Coronavirus: How to See a Doctor During the Pandemic

Concerns about COVID-19 are at an all-time high, and understandably so. On March 11th, the World Health Organization classified the virus as a pandemic. Navigating this unfolding medical outbreak can feel scary, especially for those who are already facing unrelated illnesses. This is a scary time to sit in a doctor’s waiting room. Every time […]

Naturopathic Doctor vs Medical Doctor: Who to Choose?

You’re here. You begin to question whether to choose a naturopathic doctor versus a medical doctor only after first asking yourself: Are you getting the medical care you need?  Maybe you’ve gone to the same medical doctor for decades, and you love them, but… You’re not better yet. Or maybe you’ve been tossed around between […]

7 Testosterone Foods to Get Your Edge Back

Guys, it’s no secret: testosterone is critical—not just to your sex life, but to being a happy, healthy man. This isn’t some macho gimmick. Being healthy means maintaining normal levels of testosterone. Maintaining a diet full of healthy “testosterone foods” can help you keep those testosterone levels up.  Of course, by testosterone foods, I don’t […]

5 Pros and Cons of Functional Medicine

Functional medicine takes a holistic approach to health. This approach can be life-changing. However, like almost anything in life, it doesn’t solve all problems. Nor will everyone benefit from it. I say this as a doctor and functional medicine practitioner. To explore whether functional medicine is for you, take the time to reflect on these […]

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