We all pretend like we don’t care what we look like on a given day. We’re Superwomen--we’re too busy saving humanity to notice.
Deep down we’d love to lose that extra weight, have shinier hair, less bags under the eyes, less ragged-looking fingernails (never mind toenails, ugh). Short of being adopted by the Kardashians (now THAT’S a beauty budget!), what’s a Supergirl to do?
Try these beauty hacks to restore gorgeousness from the inside out:
  • Sleep–getting your z’s improves mood, energy, and can help with weight loss. Those bags under your eyes? Yeah, sleep helps that too.
  • Eat real food–adequate biotin (vitamin B7), selenium, and protein, not to mention healthy fats (olive oil, omega-3’s), restore luster to hair and nails and improve skin quality. Try avocado, broccoli and mushrooms for biotin and Brazil nuts for selenium, or take a high-quality supplement.
  • Move–we all know exercise helps with weight loss, but there’s no better confidence booster than fitting into those goal jeans or seeing the nice outline of a defined muscle. Doesn’t matter how, just move your body–every day.
  • Breathe–can’t say enough about this basic bodily function. 10-15 minutes a day of focused breathing or basic meditation and you’re scowling less (helps wrinkles!)

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