How Online Functional Medicine Works with Vytal Health

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is key. Healthcare is evolving to meet this demand, and Vytal Health is at the forefront of this transformation. As an online functional medicine clinic, Vytal Health offers a personalized, holistic approach to healthcare. If you’re wondering how online functional medicine works, including how doctors can treat you over the computer, conduct lab tests, and provide access to an online portal, this blog will answer your questions. Through telehealth, Vytal Health connects you with doctors across the country who specialize in the care you need, providing access to expertise that might not be available locally.

How Can a Doctor Treat Me Over the Computer?

At Vytal Health, our functional medicine doctors can effectively treat you over the computer, providing comprehensive care without the need for physical touch. Through video consultations, we can have in-depth conversations to understand your symptoms, medical history, and concerns. This allows us to diagnose various conditions based on our discussions and visual examinations. Additionally, we can prescribe medications electronically, sending prescriptions directly to your pharmacy. We can also order lab tests for you to complete at a local facility, with results sent back to us for further analysis. This personalized approach ensures you receive timely and efficient functional medicine care, all from the comfort of your home.

How Do I Do Labs?

At Home Testing Kits

One of the most common questions about online functional medicine at Vytal Health is how lab tests are conducted. We use Rupa Health for at-home lab testing kits, making the process simple and convenient. These kits are mailed directly to your address, allowing you to easily collect samples (such as saliva, urine, or a small blood sample) by following the provided instructions. Once you’ve collected the samples, you mail them back to the designated lab for analysis.

Local Lab Partnerships

At Vytal Health, we offer multiple options for blood work to suit your needs. Some patients prefer to use their insurance, while others opt to skip insurance altogether. We’ve partnered with Rupa Health and LabCorp to provide affordable out-of-pocket lab tests, which tend to be the most popular choice among our patients due to their cost-effectiveness. This flexibility ensures that you can access the necessary blood work in a way that best fits your preferences and budget.

Do I Have an Online Portal?

Centralized Information Hub

Yes, at Vytal Health, we provide a robust online patient portal. This portal acts as a centralized hub for all your Vytal Health information. You can access your medical records, lab results, treatment plans, and educational resources anytime, from anywhere.

Secure Communication

The portal also facilitates secure communication with your healthcare team. You can send messages to your doctor and care coordinator, ask questions, and receive timely responses without the need for phone calls or office visits. This continuous support helps keep you engaged and informed throughout your health journey.

Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling appointments is streamlined through the online portal. You can book, reschedule, or cancel appointments with just a few clicks, making it easier to fit healthcare into your busy life.

The Benefits of Vytal Health’s Online Functional Medicine


One of the primary advantages of Vytal Health’s online functional medicine is convenience. You can access high-quality healthcare from the comfort of your home, eliminating the need for travel and waiting rooms.

Personalized Care

Our personalized approach ensures that your treatment plan is tailored specifically to you, increasing the likelihood of achieving optimal health outcomes.

Continuous Support

With frequent follow-ups and easy access to your healthcare team, you receive continuous support and guidance, helping you stay on track with your health goals.

Maintaining Primary Care Relationships and Local Specialist Consultations

Complementary Care

It’s important to note that Vytal Health does not replace your primary care provider. We recommend maintaining a relationship with a primary care doctor for routine physical exams and treatments that require direct touch, such as blood pressure checks and other physical assessments.

Local Specialist Referrals

In addition to our comprehensive online services, we may recommend that you see local specialists, such as gastroenterologists, or other practitioners, like acupuncturists, for treatments that can benefit from in-person visits. We ensure that your care is coordinated and comprehensive, leveraging local resources when necessary.

Urgent and Emergency Care

Occasionally, we may advise that you visit urgent care or the emergency room for immediate or emergency health concerns. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities, and we ensure you receive the appropriate level of care when needed.


Vytal Health is revolutionizing the way we approach healthcare, making it more accessible, personalized, and convenient. By leveraging technology, we provide a comprehensive and effective way to manage your health and well-being. Whether it’s through virtual consultations, home testing kits, or our easy-to-use online portal, Vytal Health offers a holistic and patient-centered approach to achieving optimal health.

If you’re ready to take control of your health journey, consider exploring Vytal Health. We’re here to meet you where you are and guide you towards a healthier, happier life.