Your Dream Telehealth Practice

Have you always wanted to work for yourself, but felt like owning your own functional medicine practice would be overwhelming? Vytal Health is here to make your vision a reality, on your terms.

Work with us however it works for you

Become a Vytal Health Physician

Join the Vytal Health team as a functional medicine consulting physician. We provide complete practice support (virtual assistants, patient support, telehealth-centric EMR, marketing), you set your practice hours and do what you do best: take care of patients.

Convert your current practice to completely virtual

Have an office already, but would prefer to shed the overhead and streamline your life? We can help you move on from the bricks and mortar and into a modern telemedicine-only practice with complete wrap-around support for you AND your patients.

Be your own boss

If you want to set up your own functional medicine telehealth practice but aren’t sure where to start, we can help. With years of experience in establishing, managing, and growing functional medicine telehealth practices, we’ll consult with you to make sure you have everything covered so you can hang your “virtual shingle” with confidence.


What kind of practitioners does Vytal Health work with?
Consultants on Vytal Health’s platform are MDs, DOs, or NDs (with appropriate state licensure). We occasionally add functional medicine nutritionists and health coaches as well.
Does Vytal Health employ physicians?
On the Vytal Health platform, physicians work entirely for themselves. Vytal Health’s role is to provide complete wrap-around business support for your practice, both on the physician side (marketing, EMR, virtual assistants, website presence, payroll and HR) and the patient side (onboarding, tech troubleshooting, care navigation, engagement nudges).
Why would I have Vytal Health assist me with converting my practice to telehealth?
There are distinct advantages to shedding your clinic-based practice and going virtual, including drastically reducing expenses and overhead, and being able to see patients from wherever you’d like. However, the conversion process can be daunting for both physicians and their patients. Vytal Health has been assisting physicians in setting up virtual practices since 2018 (pre-Covid!). We have the know-how and the systems in place to make it easy for you to move into a virtual practice. Plus, bringing your practice to the Vytal Health platform means you’ll have access to all of our support services including marketing and virtual assistants, as well as other functional medicine colleagues to collaborate with and bounce ideas off of. No need to go it alone!
Can you help me set up a telehealth practice outside of Vytal Health?
Absolutely! If you’re interested in having a practice of your own, we can consult with you to help make that a reality, whether you become a part of Vytal Health or not.
How do you handle ordering labs (including functional medicine test kits) and supplements?
Our platform is fully integrated with everything you need to have a functional medicine telemedicine practice, including the ability to order home-based test kits and supplements, all right within our EMR.

Ready to go virtual?