The Vytal Health Story

Our founders, Tiffany and Alex, know the frustrations found inside the typical doctor’s office firsthand as patients and as doctors.

Tiffany’s journey began early in life as a child diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her experience as a patient has fueled her passion for ensuring that her patients will never feel like another transaction, dismissed, or held back with limited choices for their health. Years later, when she started to practice medicine, she felt new frustrations with the hurried, 10-minute appointment approach trying to solve complex health issues for her patients. She wanted to create something better.

Watching friends and family struggle with their health, and later, his own, Alex began to question the rushed pharmacist-patient relationship. As a pharmacist, he wanted to educate his patients and truly make a difference. After ten years of seeing so many patients be “managed,” while never really getting back to “healthy”, he started asking, “Why does this symptom exist in the first place? What is the root cause? Is it possible to fix it or even reverse it?” And, the answer is yes!

These frustrations and experiences as patients led to the creation of Vytal Health. Today, we are a team of compassionate, highly-skilled doctors, pharmacists, and care team members who refuse to settle for the broken health care system.

We’re challenging the status quo and revolutionizing health care.

Get to know our founders

Tiffany Mullen, DO, FABFM, ABoIM, Co-Founder – Dr. Mullen’s first role in healthcare was that of a patient. Diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at a young age, she experienced the difficulties of living with an unpredictable painful illness first-hand. After navigating a confusing and frightening healthcare system without finding genuine, compassionate care, she dedicated her practice to providing holistic care for her patients.

Alex Yampolsky, PharmD, Co-Founder – Dr. Yampolsky often found himself struggling to get the quality time with his patients that he knew he would need in order to truly make a difference in their lives. After ten years as a pharmacist, and navigating his own health journey with adrenal fatigue, he set out to change the world of medicine for himself, and for his patients. His passion is for building genuine, caring relationships with his patients while uncovering the true issues behind their symptoms.