What You Need To Know About Your Eggs Right Now

In this engaging webinar Dr McCubbins shares:

  • Why you need to focus on your egg health
  • Why you should prioritize your nutrition
  • How to find a your healthy weight
  • What exercises to do without killing yourself in the process
  • How stress and adrenals impact your ovaries
  • How lifestyle impacts hormones
  • What foods to eat and how to select them
  • Must have supplements your body needs
  • How to get antioxidants rich foods, and why
  • How to support your gut bacteria with foods, and why that’s important

And much more…

Webinar Replay by Key Topics

Find, review, reference, and share the webinar content organized by the key topics covered in the What You Need To Know About Your Eggs Right Now webinar

1. Why you need to focus on your egg health

2. Why you should prioritize nutrition and food to eat and avoid

3. Supplements your body needs how to find the right  ones

4. How lifestyle impacts hormones and what you can do about it

Hello from Dr. Alicia McCubbins

Thank you for your interest in whole person fertility care.

My name is Dr. Alicia McCubbins and I’m not just a doctor with expertise in natural fertility solutions. What makes me different is my own struggle with fertility. I know with real first-hand experience: a fertility struggle is not just a physical struggle, but also an emotional one. It impacts you and the people you love.

I’ve been desperate, motivated, and willing to do anything and everything to get pregnant myself.

And that’s why I want to help you!

I have set aside a few 15 minute calls, free of charge and any commitment. If you are interested in my approach and would like to learn more about it, I personally invite you to book time with me.

Thank you,

Dr. Alicia McCubbins ND, Fertility Specialist

Have you been labeled as infertile? Me too

My trigger word: “infertility”

Whole Person Fertility Care

Personalized evaluation & support

A 360° view of your health to uncover hidden barriers to either getting or staying pregnant. We will focus on hormonal balance, nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements to allow your body to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Focused on results

There is only one goal – to help you have a healthy baby! We will optimize your health, the health of your eggs, and make sure your body is in prime shape for conception and a healthy pregnancy.

Proven and effective

With years of experience and a very high success rate, Dr. McCubbins has helped many women, including herself, bring healthy babies into this world.

Fertility care made simple

Every component of your personalized treatment plan – from consultations to lab testing and supplements are done right at home. No travel, no waiting rooms. And yes, you don’t even have to change out of your pajamas! 

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