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Functional Medicine

Living Better and Feel Healthier with Functional Medicine (20 min)

Is a Functional Medicine Doctor Right For Me? (2 min)

Optimizing Health and Wellness

9 Pillars of Personalized Health During Covid and Beyond (45 min)

Bonus Material:
Anti-inflammatory Living: Controlling the Flames (14 min)

Bonus Material:
Personalized Mental Health Solutions
(10 min)

Bonus Material:
How Gut Health Shapes Overall Health (9 min)

Gut Health

How Gut Health Shapes Overall Health (9 min)

Histamine/Mast Cell Activation and Gut Health (21 min)

Thyroid Treatments

A Functional Medicine Approach to Your Thyroid (35 min)

Treating Hypothyroidism
(5 min)

Diagnosing Hashimoto's
(5 min)

Treating Hashimoto's
(6 min)

Hormone Treatments

A Functional Medicine Approach to Your Hormones (20 min)

Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance Pt 1
(4 min)

Functional Hormone Testing Pt 2
(4 min)

Hormonal Imbalance Treatment Pt 3
(4 min)

Adrenal Fatigue (HPA Axis Dysfunction)

Do You Have Adrenal Fatigue? (10 min)

Adrenal Fatigue Impact on Your Health (6 min)

Adrenal Fatigue Stages
(4 min)

Adrenal Fatigue Treatment
(6 min)

Fertility Support

What You Need to Know About Your Eggs Right Now (36 min)

Egg Health and Fertility Part 1 (3 min)

Nutrition and Fertility Part 2 (8 min)

Supplements and Fertility Part 3 (8 min)

Lifestyle and Fertility Part 4 (14 min)

Preconception Detoxification (7 min)

Nutrition for Fertility & Ovulation (5 min)

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