Next Generation Telehealth & The Future of Women's Health

In this engaging and educational webinar we share:

  • Unique challenges facing women health care consumers
  • 5 health conditions that women often face alone
  • The past, present, and future of tele-health and comprehensive patient care
  • Architecting the ideal health care solution for women
  • Vytal Health and the vision for the future

And much more…

Webinar Replay by Key Segments Covered

Find, review, reference and share the webinar content organized by the key topics covered in the Next Generation of Telehealth & The Future of Women’s Health

1. Unique challenges facing the female health care consumer 

2. Women’s health issues often not addressed well and faced alone

3. The past, present, and future of tele-health and comprehensive care

4. The ideal solution for Women’s health

5. What is Vytal Health and Q&A

6. How you can help 

Meet The Presenters

Dr. Tiffany Mullen, CEO
  • Built & directed largest Integrative Medicine Dept. in US
  • Corporate health care “intrapreneur”–launched two enterprise-based startups for Aurora Health Care, WI
  • Medical advisor to startups
  • 20+ years practicing physician
Dr. Alex Yampolsky, COO
  • Built & operated largest telehealth pharmacy chain in US
  • Helped grow a leader in telepharmacy software
  • Director 30+ pharmacies and $80M+ in revenues
  • 12 years in healthcare industry
Danny Hughes, Moderator
  • Impact investing advisor
  • Family office/private wealth
  • Creator of athletes influence
  • Partner at LOHAS advisors
  • Keynote at family office, alternative
    and impact investing summits



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