5 Pros and Cons of Functional Medicine

Functional medicine takes a holistic approach to health. This approach can be life-changing. However, like almost anything in life, it doesn’t solve all problems. Nor will everyone benefit from it. I say this as a doctor and functional medicine practitioner. To explore whether functional medicine is for you, take the time to reflect on these […]

Stop Living with an Undiagnosed Illness—You’re Not Crazy

You know something isn’t right. You know you’re living with an undiagnosed illness. But that’s just it: it’s undiagnosed, and all your best efforts to get a diagnosis have failed. Your doctors insist that you are in good health.  So what’s next? Is this the end of the road? Maybe you feel lost. You feel […]

Is Functional Medicine for Me?

Is functional medicine right for you? It depends. As a functional medicine doctor myself, I’m certainly biased in favor of it. However, it involves more patient participation than other forms of medicine. Your doctor doesn’t just hand you a prescription and send you home. Instead, you’ll have a long conversation with your practitioner, in which […]

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