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Dr. Tiffany Mullen, DO – Support Plan

Integrative and Functional Medicine
Clinical Experience: 20+ years of practicing medicine, certified in integrative and functional medicine, dual board certification in family medicine and integrative medicine.

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About Tiffany

I began my medical career at the tender age of 16 months. Diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, my first role in health care–that of a patient with a chronic disease–dominated my life until adulthood. I experienced firsthand the difficulties of living with an unpredictable, painful illness; of having limitations placed on my physical activities; of having rude and dismissive physicians; of navigating a confusing and frightening health care system. And I used these experiences to positively shape my approach to living and practicing medicine.

In medical school, I was astonished that there was rarely any focus on health and wellness. There was no meaningful education about nutrition or exercise or even stress. When I finally had face-to-face time with real patients, I found that often these were the exact reasons people weren’t healthy. My patients were overweight. Insurance did not cover nutritional counseling. My patients had complicated problems. I had 10 minutes to try to help. Their needs were not being met, and neither were mine. Frustrated, I turned to new training to fill in the gaps–integrative medicine and functional medicine. Now I was equipped to help guide patients through difficult symptoms, to address lifestyle and provide patients with the care they needed.

This became my practice for over 15 years. Patients traveled from other states–and even other countries–to receive the care they wanted. This seemed unnecessary and very inconvenient, especially at a time when our friends and family were available to Skype or FaceTime at a moment’s notice. And so we created Vytal Health–a personalized, holistic, safe and natural healthcare solution, powered by technology and backed by latest science and clinical expertise. It allows us to provide all the best integrative and functional medicine has to offer, meet with patients wherever they are, and spend the time required to reverse their problems, not just cover their symptoms with prescriptions.

I look forward to knowing you and being a partner in your health.

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