Treating Fatigue or HPA Axis Dysfunction

If you’re suffering from fatigue most doctors will just suggest you go to bed earlier or jump to prescribe you unnecessary medications with heavy side effects. If that fatigue happens to be related to an adrenal imbalance, chances are that most doctors won’t consider your adrenal glands or offer ways to evaluate you for it.

If you’re looking to dig deeper into the root cause of your symptoms and eliminate them for good, we are here to help.

Treating Fatigue or HPA Axis Dysfunction
3Key Points or Symptoms
3 Key Symptoms
  • Unrelenting fatigue
  • Increased belly fat
  • Mood changes and difficulty sleeping
Treating Fatigue or HPA Axis Dysfunction
What is adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is somewhat of a misnomer as it doesn’t truly describe what is happening in your body. A more accurate term is HPA Axis Dysregulation which describes a collection of symptoms that results when the adrenal glands become imbalanced and produce either too much or too little hormones. Hormones can impact almost everything – from stress to sexual health –  and that’s why most doctors miss it as a diagnosis. Also, the conventional approach to medicine often omits lifestyle factors like nutrition and herbal support – the most effective elements in treating adrenal fatigue. At Vytal Health, we develop a personalized treatment plan that includes pharmaceutical-grade supplements, nutritional recommendations, and strategies meant to reduce stress and improve mental health.

What are some common symptoms?

The most common symptom is fatigue or tiredness that cannot be relieved by sleep. Many people also report feeling anxious or unable to concentrate. The collective symptoms may result in weight gain (especially with fat around the belly), brain fog, worsening memory and concentration, and inability to handle stress. The symptoms of HPA Axis Dysregulation overlap with conditions like depression and anxiety, which creates the tendency for conventional doctors to misdiagnosis and unnecessarily medicate their patients.

How do you diagnose HPA Axis Dysregulation?

If your doctor suspects adrenal fatigue, he or she will order a simple saliva test that can determine if adrenal hormone problems are actually the issue. At four times throughout the day, you simply collect your saliva into the tubes provided in the Vytal Health at-home testing kit. This saliva test tells us how much your hormones fluctuate during your waking hours and if there are any imbalances. With your results in hand at a follow-up appointment, your Vytal Health doctor will determine a personalized treatment plan for you, which will include nutrition and lifestyle recommendations along with high-quality supplements to correct or support any imbalances.

What would your life look like if you had more energy?

Imagine your life without a cloud of fatigue hanging over you. Imagine feeling reenergized and able to tackle everyday life – being more present at home and work. Equipped with a proven treatment plan, your symptoms will be managed and even eliminated, giving back more time and energy to do the things that are important like running around with the kids, better managing deadlines at work, or finally diving into your passion project.

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