You deserve to live your healthiest life. Traditional healthcare has left patients fighting for quality time with their doctors, making them feel helpless, misunderstood and ultimately dismissed.. We’re here to change that.


Pay What You Can Video Appointments ($0-$300)

Currently available for Wisconsin Residents only. These appointments are 30-minute consultations with Dr. Tiffany Mullen, DO to help treat your current health concerns, such as:

  1. Insomnia or anxiety
  2. Urgent Care needs–sinus infections, urinary tract infections, etc.
  3. Triage care to see if you need to be tested for COVID-19 (we are not offering testing at this time, but can help you decide if you should be seen and tested)
  4. Personalized immune support
  5. For current patients–follow-up on your ongoing care




Your Health, Your Way

Virtual Clinician Visits

Every component of your personalized treatment plan – from your initial consultation, to lab testing and routine check-ins with your clinician are done virtually. No travel, no waiting rooms. Our physicians are there for you whenever and wherever you need them, even if you’re still in your pajamas.

Everything You Need, At Your Doorstep

You shouldn’t have to go out of your way to get quality care. That’s why everything you need to feel well again, from at-home lab testing kits to your daily supplement packets will be sent directly to you.

Transparent, Efficient Care

Exceptional care shouldn’t come with hidden costs. Visits with your Vytal Health physician are longer and less expensive than traditional doctor appointments. You won’t have to deal with the hassles of insurance and cryptic office visit bills either. Every aspect of your individualized care plan will be communicated up front.


Taking Healthcare Back To Its Roots

Functional Medicine focuses on restorative, corrective, and preventative treatments.

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