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Vytal Health is a modern way to access functional medicine doctors in Chicago, offering an effective, whole-person health solution that encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Does your doctor give you the time you deserve?

At Vytal Health, you are the priority, not your insurance company. Our doctors are passionate about giving you the care and attention it takes to uncover the root cause of your symptoms.

Never feel rushed or dismissed again. Our doctors listen to your concerns, respect the research you’ve done, and believe you when you tell them that something is not right. At Vytal Health, your doctor is your partner. They help discover the root cause of your symptoms and put together a personalized treatment plan to get you feeling healthy again.

Don’t Just Mask Your Symptoms, Uncover and Fix the Underlying Issue

If you are like most patients, your doctor is likely addressing your condition by managing your symptoms While this approach may allow you to control your symptoms, it overwhelmingly fails to account for the root cause of why you feel the way you do. Sadly, this approach usually leads to a handful of prescriptions, which only silence the symptom and can also cause many effects.

Vytal Health is committed to delivering dedicated, holistic health support that analyzes the full-body matrix. As a practitioner of functional medicine, Vytal Health embraces a comprehensive wellness philosophy that not only alleviates symptoms, but analyzes and addresses the environmental, genetic, biochemical, and physiological elements that contribute to your current condition and overall wellbeing. Your treatment is entirely tailored to your circumstances and is designed to directly manage and correct the fundamental physical condition, or combination of conditions, causing your symptoms.

How Functional Medicine Delivers Results

Unlike traditional medicine, functional medicine digs deeply into patients’ backgrounds to uncover lifestyle, nutritional, social, historical, environmental, and genetic factors that could influence a variety of physical ailments. Through the investigation of relevant physiological elements, a holistic and organized treatment program is created designed to not only correct physical and emotional distress but also potentially prevent medical issues from surfacing later on.

Functional medicine combines a holistic wellness approach with modern healthcare – prescription medication and medical screenings are employed when necessary. However, functional medicine practitioners emphasize techniques and treatments that address wellness in ways drug interventions cannot when employed alone. A functional medicine treatment program may integrate dietary changes, stress reduction practices, physical exercise, and other lifestyle modifications that directly contribute to whole-body wellness.

Integrative and Functional Medicine: Chicago’s Leading Practitioners

Functional medicine can effectively identify and treat the root cause of the following issues:

  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Food Intolerance
  • Depression
  • Low Fertility
  • Low Testosterone

Effectively addressing the above conditions not only improves the quality of life, but it can also inhibit the development of potentially life-threatening chronic conditions.

Vytal Health: Functional Medicine in Chicago and Throughout the U.S.

Vytal Health is a unique resource in that it allows patients to receive individualized, in-depth care using a secure and tech-forward communications platform. Simply take the online symptom quiz, schedule an appointment with a functional medicine practitioner, and have a consultation, all from the comfort and convenience of your own home. You will be sent a medical testing kit to complete and return to Vytal Health. All diagnostic testing and personal histories can be performed on your timeline. You and your practitioner will review your results and develop a treatment plan in concert with your Care Concierge. You can engage with your practitioner and Care Concierge whenever you have questions or concerns – your relationship with your team is ongoing, for as long as you like!

At Vytal Health, your long-term comprehensive wellbeing is our priority. Optimize your emotional, physical, and spiritual health with the support of the dedicated functional medicine team at Vytal health.

Vytal Health provides functional medicine in Chicago and the surrounding areas. If you are in the Buffalo Grove, Clarendon Hills, Naperville, or neighboring communities, please don’t hesitate to contact our local physicians for a consultation today!

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