What You Need to Know About Your Eggs Right Now | On-Demand Webinar

Whether you’re 25 or 40 years old, it is possible to optimize the health of your eggs to increase your chances of a healthy conception. Dive into real and proven advice from our functional fertility specialist, Dr. Alicia McCubbins, on what you need to know before conceiving. 

In less than 40 minutes, you’ll dive into: 

  • Insight on the three major areas to focus on during your fertility journey: nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle
  • Practical and proven tips you can start implementing right now to optimize the health of your eggs (still applicable if you’re going through IUI or IVF)
  • And stories of women, including Dr. McCubbins, who conceived with the functional fertility approach

Let’s get your fertility journey on the right path! Grab the free webinar to get started.

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