Let's Get You Energized - 12-Month Package

To make your life easier and our costs even more transparent, we designed a special package just for people suffering with adrenal fatigue. But don’t worry if you have additional symptoms or concerns! We expect you to have other symptoms and we are perfectly equipped to handle them!

What will be done

  1. Comprehensive intake process where your doctor learns about you as an individual, your history leading up to this point, your diet, your lifestyle, and identifies what your specific treatment needs are
  2. Assessment of your adrenal health
  3. Assessment of nutritional status
  4. A personalized treatment plan that will include:
    ✔️Adrenal health and hormonal balance
    ✔️Nutrition optimization
    ✔️Sleep support
    ✔️Stress management support
    ✔️Guidance and support for you with adjustments to your plan as you progress

What’s included

  • One 60-minute initial video consultation with your doctor ($200 value)
  • Three 30-minute follow up video consultations with your doctor ($300 value)
  • One at-home adrenal fatigue lab test ($170 value)
    • What we will test: 4 cortisol samples and 1 DHEA sample from saliva
  • 15% off all supplement orders for 12 months ($180 estimated value)

How it works

  1. As soon as you purchase your package, your at-home lab kit will be mailed to you
  2. We will notify you when your lab test results are back and you can then book a video appointment with your doctor
  3. During your video appointment you and your physician will work together to create a treatment plan that is personalized and designed to get you feeling better as quickly as possible
  4. You and your doctor will decide on when to follow up and what your treatment will entail

Total package valued at $850

  • Pay upfront and save $191! Your cost only $659
  • Pay monthly $70/mo for 12 months
Let's Pick Your Doctor

Dr. Briley

Dr. Julie Briley, ND

10 years practicing naturopathic and functional medicine, including advanced training in digestive disorders and food as medicine

Dr. Briley is dedicated to helping you reach your health and wellness goals by identifying the underlying causes of your symptoms or conditions. She will work with you to find the best approach in order to support your body’s natural healing process. As an expert in holistic health care, she blends the best of modern science with traditional natural medicine to help you optimize your diet, lifestyle, energy, sleep, mood, digestion, and hormones, so you can feel great every day.

Following the naturopathic principle of “doctor as teacher”, Dr. Briley strongly believes that one of the most effective tools she provides is education. Understanding your body’s physiology and natural response when things are out of balance is empowering, and an essential part of reaching optimal health.


Dr. Ash May, ND

10+ years practicing naturopathic and functional medicine, including advanced training in men’s health and hormone optimization.

At one point, Dr. May made a choice. He was accepted into both traditional and naturopathic medical schools. But after he shadowed traditional doctors holding five-minute visits with their patients and quickly writing prescriptions, he realized that they didn’t have time to teach patients how to be healthy–they just had time to treat the sickness. Dr. May chose to become a naturopathic doctor instead because he didn’t want to keep treating symptom after symptom, without teaching health.

Functional medicine asks, “How did you get to this point? What lifestyle changes do you need to make to get back to health?”

In traditional medicine, if your blood pressure is high, you take a blood pressure medication. In naturopathic and functional medicine, you stop and look at the lifestyle that has gotten you to this point. Then you make changes so that your body can return to a natural state of peak performance. Medications and supplements are sometimes necessary, but they aren’t the end game. The end goal is for your body to perform in health because you’ve treated it well.

Package Terms

Refunds and cancellations: You can cancel your package or subscription at any time. Regular pricing will be used to calculate your remaining balance.

  • If you purchased the one time package, you will be refunded any unused amount left on your package.
  • If you purchased a monthly subscription, we will charge your card on file for all the services you’ve used up prior to cancellation.


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What our patients are saying

“I don’t think I’ve ever had better medical care in my life. I have been working with Dr. Julie Briley for about 6 months and she is so patient, thorough, and a critical thinker. To her, I am not just a thyroid issue, but a whole body! Not once did I ever feel like I was being rushed…Dr. Briley took as much time as I needed to answer all of my questions. She is super great at explaining how things work and why she thinks we should do certain treatments.” – Katie

“I and my family have seen Dr. May for many reasons, ranging from osteoarthritis to ulcerative colitis to stress induced eczema and more. He is hands down the most effective doctor we have dealt with. He is so knowledgeable in so many areas it’s amazing and reassuring! I have recommended him to so many people.” – Drew

“I love Jen Miller!  She’s informative, great listener, encouraging and kind.  Very well versed in understanding my thyroid problem and I am beginning to feel so much better!  So thankful!” – Cathy

“I am finally feeling better and I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I was dealing with menopause symptoms and only feeling worse as time went by, but getting no relief from my usual doctor. I brought my recent tests results to Dr. Julie. She looked them over and immediately realized some of the issues I was having and why. I feel that she finally has me on the right track. She is personally interested in my well-being and getting me to a happier, healthier place. Taking a holistic approach will yield excellent results.” – Amanda

“I love the ease of how Vytal Health operates. I was able to schedule online and talk to a practitioner with the flexibility of being at my laptop. I find Dr. Mullen to be very personable and she takes time to really understand my symptoms. Perimenopause is not an easy route to navigate and she is setting me on the RIGHT course. This was not the experience I had with my OBGYN, who said I was too young despite all the obvious symptoms. Be your own health advocate. START with Vytal Health!” – Connie

“Dr. May is a miracle worker! 30 years after devastating chemical exposure, he has helped me get my health back on track! Recommend him whole-heartedly!” -Shawn

“I feel like I FINALLY have answers!! At the very least a​ step in the right direction with less anxiety of what to do. My Vytal Health doctor listens and understands the body as a whole. Hormones are no laughing matter,​ in fact,​ they make me cry EASILY:) This is par for the course for a woman my age. I am set on course for aligning​ all that is misaligned.​ There is light at the end of the tunnel. Conversely,​​ this is not the experience I had with my ob-gyn​,​ whose words were: “your too young for this” “maybe you should go on the pill”. Take your health into your hands and get more than one opinion. Vytal Health makes it easy.” – Mary

“I was very impressed with how quickly Vytal Health staff responded to my concerns when I made an error entering my credit card. They expressed concern about me feeling uncomfortable, and it was my mistake, not theirs. They actually took the time to call me. We had been chatting online.” – Jackie

“I would highly recommend Dr. May! I started seeing him last year after finding no help with my migraines and chronic pain. I appreciate the way he goes over and beyond for all his patients, looks at healing the body as a whole not individual issues.” – Kate


You’ve got questions. We have answers.

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Let’s Talk

What is functional medicine?

Tired of being dismissed by your physician? Told your symptoms have no explanation? Being prescribed pharmaceuticals for every symptom? You know this isn’t helpful and so do we. Enter functional medicine. Functional medicine is an approach to health care that focuses on solving your health problems by identifying the <i>root cause</i>, rather than covering your symptoms with prescriptions. It requires a detailed understanding of your health history, along with personalized, in-depth testing. Treatment approaches address lifestyle factors and use natural approaches first, then medications if needed.

How will I see my doctor?

All our consultations are done over video visits (much like FaceTime or Skype). We respect your time. There is no need for you to drive long distances, interact with multiple clinic staff, and sit in a crowded waiting room.

The most important skill that functional medicine physicians have to uncover the underlying root causes of your health problem is their ability to listen, and this can be conveniently completed via video visits.

In order to keep our price for care as low as possible, we forgo those crowded waiting rooms and multiple staff.

And another perk of video visits is that you get living-room access to experts from across the country who have years of experience helping people, just like you, regain their energy, improve their sleep, get rid of their brain fog, lose weight, and feel healthy! If your physician believes you need to be seen in person for an exam, they will help you arrange for this form of care.

Is Vytal Health covered by insurance?

We believe it is important to work for our patients, not for their insurance companies. We forgo insurance payments in order to save you from the arbitrary, intrusive decisions that inevitably follow with insurance companies.We believe doctors and patients should be in charge of health care decisions, not money hungry insurance companies.

Many of our patients choose to pay for their care using HSA/FSA dollars.

How soon will I feel better?

Most patients start to feel better within 60-90 days and can heal completely within about 12-18 months. How fast you improve will depend on how willing and able you are to implement certain nutrition and lifestyle changes.

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