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Standard Price For At-Home Adrenal Fatigue Test: $170
Special Discount Today: $99

What To Expect:

  • Easy: No driving to the clinic and waiting in a crowded waiting room to do your blood work!
  • ​​Inexpensive: We are offering you a special discount today to help you overcome any uncertainty (42% discount)
  • ​Convenient: Your home test kit will come by mail in 2 business days
  • ​Simple: You will simply collect your saliva 4 times during the day and mail back your test kit
  • ​Fast: We will notify you of your results when they are back 7-10 days!
  • ​​Peace of Mind: Stop guessing. Get real data
  • ​Curable: We specialize in the treatment of adrenal fatigue and our doctors have helped thousands of patients

Gina, 49 Milwaukee, WI

"I came to Vytal Health for help with adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalance. Their overall approach to treating the whole patient and my doctor's concern for my well-being was fantastic. The attention to detail and consistent follow-ups made me feel well taken care of while on my journey to get better, Thank you Vytal Health for helping me get on the road to recovery!"

Debrah, 34 Green Bay, WI

"I was tired all the time and it turned out I had adrenal fatigue. Within a few weeks of starting with Vytal Health, I started to get my energy back and feeling much better"

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