Personalized Treatment For Mental Health

Treatment for mental health conditions–ranging from depression, to anxiety, to panic disorder, to PMS–has been stuck in the “one size fits all” approach for decades. Consequently, many patients do not get relief of their symptoms through prescriptions alone.

Functional and integrative medicine takes a more personalized approach. Using lab tests that are not only comprehensive but are also conveniently done at home–such as neurotransmitter levels and genomics–we can understand your mental health issues at the root cause. When we combine this with nutrition, sleep, movement, and managing stress, you can achieve results you never imagined were possible.

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What are some conditions that are often at the root of mental health conditions?

Depression is not the same for everyone. Some people experience depression only at certain times of the month, and the symptoms can vary widely, from weight gain to weight loss, from fatigue to listlessness, and from irritability to more severe mood changes. The same is true for anxiety. Often at the root of mood disorders is nutritional deficiencies, gut problems, HPA axis dysregulation (also known as adrenal fatigue), and single nucleotide polymorphisms (small genetic changes with big implications).

How do you diagnose mental health problems?

Often patients know they have anxiety or depression–because they feel that way. The task of the functional medicine approach is to discover the “why”. Depending on the patient’s specific history and symptoms, we dig deep into specific lab testing to find and treat underlying causes, while simultaneously addressing the current symptoms with lifestyle as well as supplements and sometimes medications.

How will I feel after going through a treatment plan?

Many patients we have seen have been plagued with mental health symptoms for many years, sometimes their entire lives. They have often had difficulty tolerating medications or have not been helped by them. Together with their Vytal Health physician, once they find and treat the root cause, they get results. Alleviating months or years of symptoms provides hope and allows you to move forward in your life with freedom from your depression, anxiety, panic attacks, or PMS. Your mental health problems will no longer define you or hold you back.

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