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Balance your hormones and feel your best with integrative & functional medicine.

Stop struggling with perimenopause symptoms. Start thriving.

You may have tried traditional medicine and received little empathy or solutions. Your symptoms are not your new way of life, nor just a part of getting older.

Symptoms of perimenopause are difficult to manage alone. 

With integrative and functional medicine, we take the time to learn about you, your medical history, and your symptoms to to treat peri-menopause holistically. We pinpoint the gaps holding you back from your healthiest life through our unique, comprehensive testing, and personalized, supportive medical care.

We combine the best of modern medicine and holistic care so you get relief from:

✔️ Changes in menstrual cycle

✔️ Mood swings

✔️ Weight gain & difficulty losing weight

✔️ Fatigue

✔️ Depression & anxiety

✔️ Heart palpitations

✔️ Hot flashes or night sweats

✔️ Hair loss & thinning

✔️ Trouble falling or staying asleep

✔️ Digestive problems

✔️ Acne or skin changes

✔️ Decreased libido

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3 steps to a healthier you


Initial consultation 

You will meet with your doctor via video from the comfort and privacy of your home or office. Dive into your symptoms, history, nutrition, and lifestyle.


Dig in with lab testing

Your doctor will create a personalized plan to gain detailed insights into your body and uncover what’s needed to get you feeling healthy now and in the long run.


Start your membership plan

Kick off your on-going relationship with your doctor by enrolling in a membership plan. Our plans are flexible and built around you. Cancel anytime.

Perimenopause expertise, personalized for you

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Really good doctors are hard to find. We’re so confident that you’ll love your Vytal Health doctor, we’ll refund your initial consultation 100% if you’re not happy. 

Diagnosing hormonal imbalance at all stages of life

If your Vytal Health physician suspects that you are peri-menopausal, she will order a simple saliva, urine, and/or blood test. These tests tell us how much your hormones fluctuate throughout the day or month, how well your body makes and breaks down hormones, and if you have any imbalances that need correcting.

With your results in hand at a follow-up appointment, your Vytal Health doctor will determine a personalized treatment plan for you, which considers your specific medical history, diet, and lifestyle.

We make it easy for you to get back into balance

Your experience of peri-menopause is uniquely yours. So your treatment should be, too. 

From traditional hormones, to supplements that support hormones, to bio-identical hormone therapy, we’re experts at treating peri-menopause with one goal in mind: to help you feel better.

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