Better Health Care That Works

Functional and integrative medicine to help you feel your best.

Integrative and functional medicine can work
when other approaches have not

Integrative and functional medicine can work when other approaches have not

With integrative and functional medicine, we solve health problems by getting to the root of them. We look deeper than other physicians have, evaluating nutrition, lifestyle, and comprehensive in-depth lab testing to understand your symptoms and create a personalized plan to help you feel better. 

We combine the best of modern medicine and holistic care so you get results. We can help with:

✔️ Fatigue

✔️ Depression & anxiety

✔️ Hormone imbalance

✔️ Perimenopause & menopause

✔️ Infertility, PCOS & endometriosis

✔️ Weight gain

✔️ Insomnia

✔️ Hair loss & thinning

✔️ Thyroid conditions

✔️ Digestive problems

✔️ Bloating, gas & constipation

✔️ And More…

Better health care is all about you

We were patients before we were doctors. We know what it feels like to waste time and money going to multiple doctors only to feel dismissed and held back by unresolved health concerns. So we redesigned health care with you in mind.

You will finally be heard.

We listen to solve, not just prescribe. You will not be rushed through your appointment. 

Expect to be treated like our only patient.

Get the time and attention you need from your doctor and the support of a compassionate team.


No one size fits all.

Together with your doctor, you’ll create a personalized plan to get you healthy again.

3 steps to a healthier you


Initial consultation 

You will meet with your doctor via video from the comfort and privacy of your home or office. Dive into your symptoms, history, nutrition, and lifestyle.


Dig in with lab testing

Your doctor will create a personalized plan to gain detailed insights into your body and uncover what’s needed to get you feeling healthy now and in the long run.


Start your membership plan

Kick off your on-going relationship with your doctor by enrolling in a membership plan. Our plans are flexible and built around you. Cancel anytime.

Our patients love us


We're confident you will love us too

Really good doctors are hard to find. We’re so confident that you’ll love your Vytal Health doctor, we’ll refund your initial consultation 100% if you’re not happy. 

We'll help you make the most of your insurance benefits

✔️ All Vytal Health services including consultations, membership, at-home lab test kits, and supplements are HSA/FSA eligible.

✔️ While we’re not in-network for insurance, we can assist in providing you with forms needed to submit for possible out-of-network reimbursement.

✔️ We’ll help you use insurance for covered services whenever possible.

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