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Finding a physician with expertise in Lyme disease treatment can be difficult. Even harder: finding one with a holistic background.

Because tick-borne illness is complicated, your evaluation and treatment needs to be comprehensive. If you think you may have Lyme disease but aren’t finding the answers you need in conventional medicine, we’re here to help.

Lyme disease symptoms are confusing

The variety of symptoms you might experience with Lyme disease is broad. Lyme is often called “the great imitator” because the symptoms often mimic many other illnesses and affect all systems in the body. 

Many patients end up searching endlessly for answers, only to be met with skepticism by the conventional medical community.

✔️ Poor memory & concentration

✔️ Fatigue & brain fog

✔️ Anxiety or depression

✔️ Digestive changes

✔️ Muscle & joint pain

✔️ Numbness and tingling

✔️ Chronic headaches

✔️ Immune system dysfunction

✔️ Poor memory and concentration (“brain fog”)

✔️ Fatigue

✔️ Anxiety or depression

✔️ Digestive changes

✔️ Muscle and joint pain

✔️ Numbness and tingling

✔️ Chronic headaches

✔️ Immune system dysfunction

Restore your body back to health

The conventional Lyme disease treatment often includes antibiotics in the early stages of the infection, if caught early.

However, in the later stages and with chronic Lyme, multiple body systems may be impacted and the immune system can become compromised. 

The functional medicine approach to evaluation and treatment is critical in order to eradicate Lyme and its co-infections and support the recovering immune system.

What to expect during your first consultation

We are not traditional 15 minute appointments that leave you feeling frustrated, unheard, and dismissed.

Your first consultation with us is 90-minutes long, giving you ample time to discuss your symptoms, medical and family history, lifestyle, past experiences treating lyme disease or and co-infections (if applicable), and what you’re currently experiencing.

At the end of the first visit, your doctor will create a very targeted medical treatment program for you. It could include specialized tick borne laboratory tests, stool analysis, adrenal dysfunction tests, thyroid tests, heavy metal tests, and food allergy tests.

These laboratory findings gives us a better understanding how to best help your immune system fight off your tick borne illness and speed your recovery so you can have your life back.

We’ll help you navigate Lyme disease with expert support


Initial consultation 

$450 for 90 minutes

You will meet with your doctor via video from the comfort and privacy of your home or office. Dive into your symptoms, history, nutrition, and lifestyle.


Dig in with lab testing


Your doctor will create a personalized plan to gain detailed insights into your body and uncover what’s needed to get you feeling healthy now and in the long run.


Start your membership plan

$300 per month

Kick off your on-going relationship with your doctor by enrolling in a membership plan. We have a plan designed specifically for complicated health problems like Lyme disease. You can cancel anytime.

We're confident you will love working with us

Really good doctors are hard to find. We’re so confident that you’ll love your Vytal Health doctor, we’ll refund your initial consultation 100% if you’re not happy. 

A sneak peak into our approach

Dr. Alexandra Solano, MD

Integrative, Functional & Anti-Aging Medicine

Clinical Experience: 10+ years of practicing regenerative, anti-aging, and integrative medicine, specializing in cognitive improvement, Lyme disease and its co-infections. 

Existing patients please use the Vytal Health portal to schedule appointments

About Alexandra

  • Board Certified in Integrative Medicine
  • Residency in Family Medicine, The Medical Center in Columbus, GA
  • Medical Doctor from St. Christopher College of Medicine in Luton, England
  • Harvard University Pre-Med Sponsorship program
  • Master’s degree Biomedical Science from Barry University, Miami, FL
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English)


My philosophy

When I was practicing traditional medicine following medical school, I always wished for more time to spend with my patients. I wanted to help them do more than just get through each day with their chronic health issues. I wanted to help them regain function, zest for life, and simply feeling like themselves again. I soon realized that my passion and calling were in integrative medicine.

Integrative medicine allows me to utilize so many more tools than were available to me in my traditional medical toolbox. I have more ways to guide my patients through their management of chronic illnesses. With more time to devote to each patient, I am able to provide better answers and solutions for developing individualized care plans that get at the root cause of their symptoms. In my practice, patients are fully involved in their treatment plans as they discover ways to actually change how they feel and function.

I find it so satisfying to be able to help people feel healthier and younger with increased energy, vitality, and cognition!


Areas of expertise

I take special interest in regenerative medicine as a part of my integrative medicine practice. In particular, cognitive improvement, Lyme disease and its co-infections. Many people struggle with cognition as they age, but don’t realize that they can actually improve it through lifestyle changes, hormone optimization and nutritional supplementation. In addition, I have expertise in the management of hormone imbalances (particularly in women) and thyroid conditions. I spend a lot of time working with my patients on developing unique personalized care plans focused on dietary and nutrition changes. These lifestyle modifications are key in supporting different mechanisms in the brain, helping to keep it functioning as it did in younger years, and to prevent further memory and cognition loss.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are especially challenging, sensitive conditions for both patients and their families to manage. Because of this, I devote special care and attention in education and incorporating best medical practices to help these patients take back control of their livelihood.


A note from Alexandra

In my own time, I enjoy keeping myself updated in the field of integrative medicine in general. I’m also a published author in metabolic syndrome. I like to continue my own health and wellness journey through maintaining a healthy lifestyle so that I can continue to learn, and in turn, further educate my patients.

Want to talk with Dr. Solano before booking an appointment?

Dr. Solano has set aside 15 minute calls, free of charge and any commitment. These calls are perfect for anyone who is interested in learning more about Dr.  Solano and her approach. 

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