Women-led ventures are leading the charge in impact investing

Investors are taking notice of the growing data supporting the impact and return on investments of private companies led by women. A study by the Kauffman Foundation shows that these companies are more capital-efficient, achieving 35% higher ROI, and, when supported with investment capital, 12% higher revenue.*

Vytal Health takes it one step further with our focus on women’s health.

80% of women are dissatisfied with their healthcare provider and their experience.** Constrained time with her physician, lack of personalization, and a growing array of female-specific health issues that aren’t adequately addressed leave women looking for a better solution.

Because women are noted to be the key decision makers for not only their own health, but that of their families, solving for the 80% dissatisfaction has a reverberating impact on the health of families and communities.

Vytal health has rapidly emerged as a leader in bringing telehealth and full patient care together in an innovative way to meet the needs of women patients.

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Learn how Vytal Health is changing health care by bridging telehealth and a unique patient care approach to create an investment opportunity for the modern impact investor. 

Investing in a woman-founded, woman-led company for women’s health is not only an opportunity to do good, but an opportunity to do well.

We're moving beyond the "fix what's broken" mentality and embracing a whole new experience

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* https://www.bcg.com/en-us/publications/2018/why-women-owned-startups-are-better-bet.aspx

** https://www.prophet.com/patientexperience/

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