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Could it be your hormones?

✔️ Changes in menstrual cycle

✔️ Mood swings

✔️ Weight gain & difficulty losing weight

✔️ Fatigue

✔️ Infertility, PCOS & endometriosis

✔️ Heart palpitations

✔️ Hot flashes or night sweats

✔️ Hair loss & thinning

✔️ Trouble falling or staying asleep

✔️ Digestive problems

✔️ Skin changes or irritation

✔️ Decreased libido

What is a hormonal imbalance?

The term “hormonal imbalance” can sound vague, but that’s because everyone experiences it differently. Simply put, hormonal imbalances occur when there is too much or too little of a hormone to do its job.

The hormones that people are most familiar with are testosterone and estrogen, but our bodies circulate about 50 different hormones. When working the way they should, they act as chemical messengers that coordinate things like metabolism, fertility, immunity, and your behavior (i.e. the output of stress, depression, etc.).

At Vytal Health, our physicians use their expertise and findings from in-depth, at-home lab testing to determine how hormones are affecting your body specifically.

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