Whole Person Virtual Fertility Care

Everything you need to have a healthy baby.

Together, we can beat infertility and define your future.

Many couples are convinced that they cannot have a child of their own. They’ve tried for years with no success.

They’ve been tested and seen numerous doctors and specialists, only to be diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”. That is not an answer you should settle for.

If you are producing eggs, whole person fertility care can help. With Dr. McCubbins’ personalized approach, “unexplained infertility” will not be your story.

What is whole person fertility care?

Personalized evaluation & support

A 360° view of your health to uncover hidden barriers to either getting or staying pregnant. We will focus on hormonal balance, nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements to allow your body to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Proven and effective

With years of experience, Dr. McCubbins has helped many women, including herself, bring healthy babies into this world. Whole person fertility care can help whether you:

– have had a miscarriage after IVF, IUI, or naturally 

– are over 35 and worried about your ability to conceive and have a successful pregnancy

– have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility or have conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids

Focused on results

There is only one goal – to help you have a healthy baby! We will optimize your health, the health of your eggs, and make sure your body is in prime shape for conception and a healthy pregnancy.

Fertility care made simple

Every component of your personalized treatment plan – from consultations to lab testing and supplements are done right at home. No travel, no waiting rooms. And yes, you don’t even have to change out of your pajamas! 

Everything you need to have a healthy baby

We were patients before we were doctors. We know what it feels like to waste time and money going to multiple doctors only to feel dismissed, hopeless, and held back by unexplained infertility. So we redesigned health care with you in mind.

You will finally be heard.

We listen to solve, not just prescribe. You will not be rushed through your appointment. 

Expect to be treated like our only patient.

Get the time and attention you need from your doctor and the support of a compassionate team.


No one size fits all.

Together with your doctor, you’ll create a personalized plan to help you conceive and have a healthy baby

Our fertility expert: Dr. Alicia McCubbins

Dr. McCubbins is not just a doctor with expertise in natural fertility solutions. 

What makes Alicia different is her own struggle with unexplained infertility. She knows with real first-hand experience: a fertility struggle is not just a physical struggle, but also an emotional one. It impacts you and the people you love.

I’ve been desperate, motivated, and willing to do anything and everything to get pregnant myself. That’s why this matters to me!– Dr. McCubbins

Find Out If Dr. McCubbins Can Help

Alicia's patients love her!

We're confident you will love her too

If you don’t love your initial consultation, we’ll refund your initial consultation 100%.

A sneak peak into our approach

Together with Dr. McCubbins, you will go over all the lab results and create a personalized plan to help you body conceive naturally and to keep you healthy in the long run.

Your plan may include:

✔️Adrenal health and hormonal balance
✔️Preconception detoxification for you and your partner
✔️Nutrition optimization
✔️Support for egg and sperm quality

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