While summer is generally such a pleasant time of year, for many of us the lack of schedule throws off our own internal rhythms, making it harder to stick to a healthy lifestyle. 

Thankfully, Dr. Alicia McCubbins is here to help us understand how to recognize our own personal rhythms and where we might go off course during the long days of summer. Take a listen to this fascinating conversation here.

Click below to watch.⬇️

We found a short poem by Morgan Harper Nichols that we wanted to share in the spirit of this month’s ‘Rhythm’ theme. You can find Morgan on Instagram, and at her website here

📢 Announcements & Reminders 📢

😯 Affordable Labs are here! 😯

Yes, you read that right: the words “labs” and “affordable” in the same sentence! We’ve partnered with Rupa Health and Access Medical Labs to create a substantial list of blood tests at rock bottom prices. If you hate going to the lab and not knowing what your bill will be (hello, high deductible!) or if your insurance generally doesn’t pay much for your bloodwork, this option is for you. Any out-of-pocket expense you incur can potentially be reimbursed by your insurance company after the fact. Let your Vytal Health provider know if you’re interested in exploring this option for any blood tests recommended and we’ll get you the full pricing up front, fully transparent. Just another way we’re making it easier for you to get your health care done!


🥗 Join the Fast 🥗

Vytal Health, in partnership with functional nutritionist Cindi Lockhart (Lockhart Wellness Solutions), will be offering the ongoing Fasting Reset Program! This five-day fasting mimicking program was launched in January and will be offered every month starting on the second Friday of each month. Vytal Health members receive 20% off with the coupon code VYTAL20. Whether you have done the fast with us before, or are joining us for the first time, we hope to see you there!

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