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Dr. Alex Yampolsky PharmD, Co-Founder

Pharmacy & Anti-aging Medicine
Clinical Experience: 10+ years of practicing pharmacy, advanced training in anti-aging medicine and compounding.

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About Alex

From my early days as a pharmacist intern, I preached about spending more time with patients and trying to make a difference through education and empowerment. I continued this quest as I worked in different roles in several companies. Finally, after 10 years as a pharmacist, I set out to change the world of pharmacy on my own. I envisioned a pharmacy that truly cares, a pharmacy that has relationships with patients, not transactions. A pharmacy that utilizes technology, not to simply cut costs, but instead to improve access, safety, and care. However, something very fortunate happened that radically changed my approach and plans. I discovered American Anti-Aging Academy and Metabolic Medicine Institute and learned how functional and anti-aging medicine are revolutionizing healthcare. I learned that many terrible health conditions can be prevented, some can even be reversed. I learned that if we don’t just treat the symptom, but instead ask “why does the symptom exist,” we can uncover the root cause of illness. And we can fix it.

I also learned about hormonal imbalances, how prevalent they are, and how poorly addressed they are by allopathic medicine. I discovered the latest in personalized medicine and how genetics and our environment impact our medical and nutritional needs.

And finally, I started noticing hormonal imbalances in my own life:

  • It turned out that I had adrenal fatigue (actually called HPA axis dysfunction). I was always tired, needed coffee to get going, was gaining weight, losing hair, had trouble sleeping and the list goes on. And I was only 34. I thought I just needed rest, but rest was never enough.
  • I saw a close friend go through terrible postpartum depression and the impact it had on her young family.
  • I saw my mom struggle through menopause and how miserable it made her.
  • I started noticing that many friends, patients, colleagues were dealing with various bits and pieces of hormonal imbalance without realizing what it was and how easily it could be fixed.

And so came Vytal Health – a personalized, holistic, safe and natural healthcare solution, powered by technology and backed by latest science and clinical expertise. It combines Dr. Mullen’s and my passion for building caring relationships, empowering people through information, fixing health problems, and for making a meaningful difference in someone’s life – because nothing is more rewarding to either of us than that.

We invite you to try our service and tell your friends and family about it.

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