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Dose this sound familiar? You’ve gained weight around your belly, your brain is foggy, you struggle to sleep, your stomach is acting up, and you are getting headaches or migraines. You often feel too tired and drained to play with your kids or give that work project your all. You may feel stuck with the idea that these symptoms are your new way of life, or are just a part of getting older.

Many people are living with their health and chronic conditions instead of reversing them by uncovering the “why” behind them.

What do you need to feel better? We pinpoint the gaps holding you back from your healthiest, most successful life through our unique, comprehensive testing, and personalized, supportive medical care.

Could it be Adrenal Fatigue?

– Unrelenting fatigue making life require a lot more effort than it used to.

– Increased belly fat that normal diet and exercise doesn’t seem to help.

– Mood changes leading to feeling irritable and emotionally unstable.

– Difficulty getting good quality sleep presenting as either trouble falling asleep or more often staying asleep.

– Hormonal rollercoaster with irregular menstrual cycles, hot flashes, and occasional night sweats.

If you’re suffering from fatigue along with some of the symptoms above, most doctors will just suggest you exercise more and go to bed earlier or prescribe unnecessary medications with heavy side effects instead of actually healing adrenal fatigue.

If your symptoms happen to be related to an adrenal imbalance, chances are that most doctors won’t consider your adrenal glands or offer ways to evaluate you for it. Additionally, lifestyle and nutrition are not a large focus of most medical schools and do not fit into a rushed, 15-minute appointment.

What is adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is somewhat of a misnomer as it doesn’t truly describe what is happening in your body. A more accurate term is HPA Axis Dysregulation which describes a collection of symptoms that results when the adrenal glands become imbalanced and produce either too much or too little hormones. Hormones can impact almost everything – from stress to sexual health – and that’s why most doctors miss it as a diagnosis. 

Also, the rushed “pill for every ill” approach to medicine often omits factors like lifestyle, nutrition, and herbal support – the most effective elements in healing adrenal fatigue. 

What are some common symptoms?

The most common symptom is fatigue or tiredness that cannot be relieved by sleep. Many people also report feeling anxious or unable to concentrate. The collective symptoms may result in weight gain (especially with fat around the belly), brain fog, worsening memory and concentration, and inability to handle stress. 

The symptoms of HPA Axis Dysregulation overlap with conditions like depression and anxiety, which creates the tendency for conventional doctors to misdiagnose and unnecessarily medicate their patients, without actually healing adrenal fatigue.

How is Adrenal Fatigue (HPA Axis dysregulation) diagnosed?

If your doctor suspects adrenal fatigue, she will order a simple saliva test that can determine if adrenal hormone problems are actually the issue. At four times throughout the day, you simply collect your saliva into the tubes provided in the Vytal Health at-home testing kit. This saliva test tells us how much your hormones fluctuate during your waking hours and if there are any imbalances. Because our hormones are very connected to one another, it is common that patients who have these symptoms also have sex hormone as well as thyroid imbalance. 

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Healing adrenal fatigue is possible. 

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